|   June 03, 2020
Dr. Dariyoush Jamshidi
Dr. Dariyoush Jamshidi
Assistant Professor
Department of Business Management...
College of Economics, Management and Information Systems
  • Extension: 569
  • eMail: dariyoush@unizwa.edu.om
  • Office Location: 11H-15...

  • Dr. Dariyoush Jamshidi is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Management, College of Economics, Management and Information system at University of Nizwa, Oman. Dr. Jamshidi has taught different management, business and marketing courses, such as Principles of Management, Marketing management, Management and Technology and Consumer Behavior to name a few. Dr. Jamshidi has conducted a series of workshops in Structural Equation Modeling, PLS and advanced research methodology at postgraduate levels. Dr. Jamshidi has managed to publish different types of articles in world-wide international journals such as Journal of Vacation Marketing, Journal of Promotion Management, Humanomics, Journal of Islamic Marketing, International Journal of Social Economics, International Journal of Tourism Cities, Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research and attended different conferences in the area of Business Management in national and international levels. In addition, Dr. Jamshidi has been involved in scholarly activities, such as reviewing manuscripts for well reputed journals such as Management Research Review, International Journal of Bank Marketing, International Journal of Emerging Markets that have been submitted to the publications. Dr. Jamshidi also has been appointed as an internal and external examiner for PhD level students and also been involved in supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

    Academic Qualifications
    • Ph.D-Business Management, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 2019
      Research Activities
      - Research Interests
      • Management, Business Management, Digital Marketing, Digital Consumer behavior, Tourism Management, Islamic Finance
          - Publications
          • 1. 2019 Jamshidi, D., Hussin, N (2016). Forecasting patronage factors of Islamic credit card as a new e-commerce banking service: An integration of TAM with perceived religiosity and trust, Journal of Islamic Marketing, (Emerald publication).
          • 2. 2019 Jamshidi, D., Hussin, N., Wan, H. L (2015). Islamic banking services adoption as a new banking restructure: examining its adoption from the perspective of DOI theory and trust in Malaysia, Humanomics: The International Journal of Systems and Ethics, Volume 31 (2). (Emerald publication).
          • 3. 2019 Jamshidi, D., Hussin, N (2016) Islamic Credit Card Adoption Understanding: When Innovation Diffusion Theory Meets Satisfaction and Social Influence, Journal of Promotion Management 22 (6), 897-917. (Taylor & Francis Publication).
          • 4. 2019 Keshavarz, Y., Jamshidi, D (2018). Service quality evaluation and the mediating role of perceived value and customer satisfaction in customer loyalty International Journal of Tourism Cities 4 (2), 220-244. (Emerald publication).
          • 5. 2019 Jamshidi, D., Hussin, N (2018). An integrated adoption model for Islamic credit card: PLS-SEM based approach, Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research, 9 (3), 308-335. (Emerald publication).
          • 6. 2019 Jamshidi, D., Keshavarz, Y., Kazemi, F., Mohammadian, M (2018). Mobile banking behavior and flow experience: An integration of utilitarian features, hedonic features and trust, International Journal of Social Economics 45 (1), 57-81. (Emerald publication).
          • 7. 2019 Keshavarz, Y., Aziz, Y. A., Jamshidi, D., & Ansari, Z. (2019). A comparative study of outcome quality, perceived value, and loyalty in four-star and five-star hotels. International Journal of Tourism Cities. (Emerald publication).
          • 8. 2019 Jamshidi, D., & Kazemi, F. (2019). Innovation diffusion theory and customers behavioral intention for Islamic credit card. Journal of Islamic Marketing.
          • 9. 2019 Jamshidi, D., Rousta, A (2019). Food tourism value: Investigating the factors that influence tourists to revisit, Journal of Vacation Marketing (Sage publication, Impact factor: 2.170)
          Faculty Administrative Experience
          • 2019 - Present: Master of Business Administration (MBA) coordinator - University of Nizwa
            Consultancy Activities
            • Senior counselor, Khosro Parviz Company, 2011-2014
            • Senior counselor, Ayin Mohaseb Company, 2014- 2017
            • Senior counselor, Zarei Machinery Company, Shiraz, Iran, 2006-2008
            • Senior counselor, Ashkan Saghf Company, Shiraz, Iran., 2005- 2008